Tredanky Stafs

Scott's DJ Doin It Down Under (USA)

 Tiger is currently in Italy with good friends Alberto & Elisa at Manu Forti Kennels 

Open for Stud use in Europe

 A very handsome young man that has an impeccable pedigree consisting very tightly on the World Renowned White Rock & Tacoma Heritage, a combination of Beauty, Intelligence, Attitude, Loyalty & Loads of Confidence.

Upon meeting Tiger he won my heart with his outstanding Temperament, Friendly Nature, Lively Attitude & Charisma, along with a very promising, obsessive frame, balance and ground covering movement, masked with outstandingly dark eye's and pigment, representing a true Beauty of the American Staffordshire Terrier Standard.

We would like thank all the wonderful people involved & especially his Breeder Scott , that has made it possible to own such an outstanding dog such as Tiger, who we hope will make us all very proud in all discipline's he will be campaigned in.


Call Name: Tiger

DOB: 11.01.11

Weight: 19"

Height: 25kgs

Colour:  Red & White/ Black Mask

Health: Ataxia Clear by Parentage, HD B, ED 0, Heart -Good

COI: 26.822%

Tiger's Pedigree

Bred By

Scott Lucas

Tiger's AC Report

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Tredanky Defenda of Justice

Billie the Bomb, this gorgeous lil man is more then we wished for, he shows loads of confidence, great working abilities, brains & beauty.

Billie displays a gorgeous frame of structure, sweet round dark eyes, stunning head piece and super proportions & balance, with lovely free extended correct movement.

We look forward to his  future working achievements. 

Billie is the only gorgeous offspring of our Annee & Vito breeding.

Billie is line bred on our all time favorite Ch. Patton's Red Rock Skillet.

Call Name: Billie

DOB: 11.09.09

Weight: 25kgs

Height: 19"

Colour: Fawn Pied

Health: Ataxia Clear by Parentage

COI: 10.223%

Billie's Pedigree

Bred By

D Davies/ V Dunstan

Owned By V & J Dunstan

Tredanky Stafs

Billie's AC Report

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Ch. Tredanky Cee Me Roc N Hot



Chadstar our sweet brindle boy that just shines the hearts of all with his affectionate nature & laid back personality.

Chad displays a pretty well structured body, with enough bone & substance for his size, chad also has wonderful extended clean movement, we hope that Chad will mature into a nice example of the breed.

Chad has been successful in the show ring with some very nice wins, gaining his Championship with ease, & now onto bigger & better things.

Chad has now retired with our good friends on property living the high life, he will occasionally make some appearances in both show and performance.

Call Name: Chad

DOB: 10.03.09

Weight: 33kgs

Height: 20.75"

Colour: Brindle & White

Health: Ataxia Clear by Parentage - Hip & Elbow Scored - Cardiac Clear

COI: 16.220%

Chad's Pedigree

Owned by Karen

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Ch. Tredanky Blaze N Hot Rocker

  Blaze the big goofa full of character & ample spark in his personality.

Blaze displays an impressive package of Power, Confidence & Beauty all in one, with lovely proportions & balance, free extended gait that makes this boy all the more to admire.

Blaze is currently campaigned in the conformation ring, with many wins under his belt, we look forward to what else this young man has to offer in the near future.

Be sure to see more of Blaze throughout his career as a show dog.  


Call Name: Blaze

DOB: 10.03.09

Weight: 37kgs

Height: 21"

Colour: Blue Brindle & White

Health: Ataxia Clear by Parentage - PennHip

COI: 16.220%

Blaze's Pedigree

Owned by Jason

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Tredanky Smoke N Hot Image

This boy has it all and more, displaying the essence of a true staf, with superb round bone and gorgeous frame of structure, along with expressing so much spark & personality, he has ample amounts drive and willingness to please.

We see a bright future ahead of this young man that should see him in the winners circle, in all arena's.

General is one of our superb offspring from the breeding between Zayha & Jake.

General is line bred on our all time favorite dogs Ch. Patton's Red Rock Skillet & Ch. Rowdytown's Hardrock Cafe.

Call Name: General

DOB: 10.03.09

Weight: 36kgs

Height: 21.5"

Colour: Blue Brindle 

Health: Ataxia Clear by Parentage

COI: 16.220%

General's Pedigree

Bred By

Tredanky Stafs

Co-owned by Ken

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Ch. Tredanky Octane N Power

Nate is our lovely brindle beauty, who has the sweetest of natures, with loads of show off material, he has been shown sparely and has taken it all in his stride with pleasure to please no matter what he is asked to do.

Nate displays a lovely frame of structure who converges in his movement with super confidence that should see him excel in no matter what discipline he is set out to do.

Nate is one of our male offspring from the combination of Annee and Blaze, which we are more then over the moon with the result of these two fine examples.


Call Name:Nate

DOB: 24.01.11

Weight: 28kgs

Height: 19.25"

Colour: Brindle/White

Health: PennHip L 0.37 R 0.39 - Elbows 0/0 - Patellas Normal - Ataxia Clear by Parentage

COI: 13.056%

Nate's Pedigree

Bred By

Tredanky Stafs


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RUBISS Ch. Tredanky Ready To Rumble

  Ralphy Bear, this young man is a wonderful addition from our breeding program, line bred on our foundation.

Ralph is a true gentleman, with an outline that is not commonly seen in the modern days of the AST, very agile yet powerful with impressive natural muscle definition, superb proportions & balance.

Ralph has been campaigned in the conformation arena with some fabulous wins, winning over much older competitive males from the puppy class, which we will look forward to what the future holds for this young man.

Ralph is a result from the combination of Styla & Nate. 



Call Name: Ralph

DOB: 08.02.12

Weight: 29kgs

Height: 20"

Colour: Brindle/White

Health: Ataxia Clear via Parentage 


Ralph's Pedigree

Owned By Bec & Nathan

Tredanky Hitman Absolution

  JJ this lil spunkalisous man, full of spark, spunky attitude, & some serious funny ways, he loves everyone and everything thing.

JJ has a unique head piece, yet small & tight but impressively proportioned & shaped, ample stop without extreme,beautiful dark eye & pigment with lovely ear placement.

JJ has had some time in the conformation ring, but is enjoying the life of a companion with his master, he will venture out into the show ring on the odd occasions to gain his championship & is currently performing in Sledding. 

 JJ is a result from the combination of Pearl & Fen.


Call Name: JJ

DOB: 17.04.12

Weight: 25kgs

Height: 19.5"

Colour: Brindle/White



JJ's Pedigree

Owned By Davies/Luke

Tredanky Darksiders Knight II

  Boy a stunning black brindle beauty, that has amazing elements of an Amstaf, substantial yet moderate, with beautiful bone & wow factors.

Lovely strong head with the darkest of eye & pigment, nicely coupled with a gliding free gait.

Boy is bred, owned & campaigned by Peter, we have some high hopes for this young man in the conformation arenas and look forward to his future achievements.

 Boy is one of the result offspring from the Fen & Pearl combination.


Call Name: Boy

DOB: 17.04.12

Weight: 30kgs

Height: 20"

Colour: Black Brindle/White



Boy's Pedigree

Owned By P McCurdie

Tredanky Keeper Of The Key


Major a stunning strong black lad , that has amazing elements of an Amstaf, substantial, with extreme bone & wow factors.

Very strong head with the darkest of eye & pigment, nicely coupled with a gliding free gait & solid topline, beautiful strong neck.

Major has hit the show ring, which we have some high hopes for this young man in the conformation arenas and look forward to his future achievements, then hopefully adventure into the performance arenas.

Major is one of the result offspring from the Mack & Shadow combination.


Call Name: Major

DOB: 29.07.16

Weight: 30kgs

Height: 21"

Colour: Black/White



Major's Pedigree

Owned by Ty Robertson